Roman Empire

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Catullus One

Catullus was a Roman poet in the 1st century BCE. His poems were known for being differently written from what his contemporaries were writing at the time. While others were writing more “manly” p...

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Marcus Brutus

Marcus Junius Brutus was the son of Marcus Junius Brutus the Elder and Servilia Caepionis. His father was killed by Pompey the Great in dubious circumstances after he had taken part in the rebellion o...

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Jack DeSantis Western Civilization 3/4/13 The Roman Family “Familia”, the Latin word for family. This word played a very large role in that of that Roman society. The Roman family is essentially t...

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Roman Class System

An integral part of Roman culture is the divergence of class systems. The laws of ancient Rome actually enforced this divide. People were born into one of two extremes. You were either considered uppe...

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SejanusLucius Aelius Sejanus (20 BC – October 18, AD 31), commonly known as Sejanus, was an ambitious soldier, friend and confidant of the Roman Emperor Tiberius. An equestrian by birth, Sejanus ros...

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The Foundations Of Roman Empire’s Success

During the ancient times, imperialism was not a very uncommon phenomenon. Those were the days wherein bloodsheds happened almost everyday—those were the days wherein land conquests were the emerging...

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