Professionalism in the Probation Officer Career Field

Published: 2021-09-29 08:45:03
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For this assignment I chose the Law Enforcement scenario, as this will hopefully relate to the probation officer career field I'd Like to pursue. I consider police officer to be very professional Individuals with assertive personalities. You have to be assertive In this profession, otherwise people might take advantage of you and try to walk all over you. I personally believe that If the officer takes pride In his personal appearance, this is also a direct reflection on the pride and work ethic he has.
Vive always been a big believer that just because you might be great at your job, you also need to take the time to look good in your uniform. The appropriate attire for someone in my career field is Abs's. Being in the Air Force we have If's which govern how we must look anytime we are in uniform. We must keep our hair cut and in regulation, we can't have any visible piercing (unless you're a female), and our uniform must present a professional appearance at all times. I think that in order to e considered a professional in my career, you must not only look the part but you must be the part.
What I mean by that is you have to take the time to make your uniform look good, live by our Core Values at all times, and be a positive example to the community and subordinates. Far too often you see military members who act professional while in uniform, but as soon as their uniform comes off so does their professionalism. I take pride on being someone that others can look up to, whether I have on the United States Air Force uniform or not. Professionalism extends on and off duty for me, in or out of uniform.

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