Meal-Delivery Startups Look for a Winning Recipe

Published: 2021-09-30 16:25:05
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The authors clearly show how high-tech is applied to different areas of marketing mix and supply chain logistics to help meal-kit delivery companies create competitive advantage and have high customer satisfaction and retention rates. Unfortunately the authors are not able to provide us with the numbers for those rates, as they only state opinions of meal-kit entrepreneurs. The importance of computer applications is emphasized in a creation of the product to model recipes, measure prospective demand and stay connected electronically with producers and supplies of meals ingredients.
According to the authors, it allows companies more planning and agility while working with seasonal or variable ingredient supply and at the same time pursuing a goal of losing less than 1 % of perishable inventory, which would seem surprisingly low to the reader, comparing to produce waste and spoilage In other food businesses. Internet, Mobil and social media technologies are the main methods used for promotion of the product to the target market of Americans who want to order fresh food online.
This Is an Important aspect for growth, as young generations will probably appreciate mime saving and convenience of Internet ordered fresh meals, despite the fact that at $10-12 they are more expensive then store bought frozen dinners, for example. At the low-tech end companies outsource the delivery to the 3-d party, which reduces capital Investment, but at the same time, the authors note, Involves risk of putting customer experience out of companies' control.

Computer technology also plays Important part In a supply chain Integration. While technology can't always help In all aspects of business, the authors argue, by presenting the example of a meal-kit pending on its ingredients, they indicate, that another company plans to create their own warehouse management software to help track orders and productivity of each of its workers. I found this article relevant to the subject of our class, as it discusses many different aspects of marketing.
It also combines feature which are important and interesting to me as a part of my Bal studies with its emphasis on importance of computer technology in elements of marketing mix, supply chain management, logistics and building business competitive advantage. As the future of the Internet grows so do the opportunities for business success for companies that utilize high-tech in their customer relationship management.
Technology and sophisticated process of data mining allows innovative businesses to focus on details and customer experience and satisfaction by providing the products and services that their target audiences demand. I consider The Wall Street Journal a credible source as the newspaper is well established, has the largest circulation in US and a reputation of credibility. It has special emphasis on business and economic news.

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