Danger of Cell Phone

Published: 2021-09-29 08:50:03
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In 2010, Opera Winfred, a talk show host, dedicated her show to nearly 500,000 people that re Injured and 6,000 that are killed each year because drivers are talking and testing while operating. Statistics and also real life events show If a person Is testing, talking and emailing on a mobile device while operating a motor vehicle Is a threat on the road. Fox News reported on 2008, a California Metro Link train carrying passenger collided with a freight train because the engineer who's responsible for deleting the train was testing.
Now only the engineer In question was kill but also 25 Innocent passengers, making it the deadliest accident to date that involved the use of mobile device. Studies show the use of mobile device can become an addiction just like a drug, which can ruin relationships, distract you from dangerous event and also initiate dangerous scenario. Huffing Post conducted a research call "Are You Addicted to Your Cell Phone? " Huffing Post concluded in their survey that 66 percent of American is afraid to be separated from their phone.
Why is that percentage bad? It is bad because those individual who are afraid to be separated from there phone are addicted which resulted to neglect to other human body. This addiction also causes relationship breakup, family neglect and even made people lose their jobs. There is also some health concerns and risk that involves using your cell phone. As of 2010, there are over 303 million cell phone subscriber in the United State, according to Cellular telecommunication and Internet Association.

A research was conducted by The National Cancer Institute showing cell phones emit radionuclide energy, a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, which can be absorbed by tissues closet to where the phone is held. Ohio State University had conducted a survey showing pedestrians treated in U. S. Emergency rooms for Injuries related to phone use while walking. Since 2005 that number had double. Now today In New York and many other states you will see on some streets the word "look" printed on the ground for those cell phone user that use their phone while walking.
Cell user must beware of all concerns, health Issues and risk that Involve the use of a mobile device. If cell phone holders not able to put his or her cell phone away while operating a motor vehicle It can be a reason for a fatal accident. Someone relationship, love ones and employment could be terminated because of there addiction to a cell phone. Lastly excessive exposure of your hand held device to the cell phone device but Just be mindful of the effects it may cause.

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