Cost Reduction Opportunity for Organizations

Published: 2021-09-30 17:15:05
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Cost reduction Now opportunities to the It organization . It increases the brand value of the company 3 How did Softener benefit from introducing its green IT data centre? Answer Low entry cost to customer high efficiency Less operation cost Reduced the complexity due to single sources for all the hardware 4 What are the mall drivers that motivate organizations to adopt Green IT? What was the driver for it is echo friendly echo friendly . Cost reduction enhance the brand value of the company because people are after the renewable products .

Government regulations such as carbon tax . 5 What was the approach used by Softener to adopt Green IT? Answer A multi-tiered ,multi -tenant storage platform . A secure , scalable and customer partitioned network layers , capable of incorporating high touch embedded services . Improved power usage effectiveness Hough low - power draw equipment and sophisticated rack cooling systems to circulate water The ability to remotely specify hardware requirements and provide access to their custom - designed solution within minutes Further Reading Read "Business Basics. UDF", under "Additional Resources" label on Model, to provide you with a basic understanding of business. References: Balkan, Philips, Lynch & Blakely (2013), Business Driven Information Systems (Australian/New Zealand 2nd edition).

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