Children of the Taliban

Published: 2021-10-02 13:05:39
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Children of the Taliban
The government school system has completely collapsed. The lack of funding and cohesiveness amongst educators and government has caused the system to literally crumble. School buildings are also in war zones and a lot of them are structurally unsafe at this point. They have been replaced by schools of the Taliban. The Taliban actually offer guaranteed food and shelter to the children who attend their schools.
Parents will even receive a monthly stipend. While madrassas are usually seminaries that teach different schools of thought, the Taliban use them to teach radically Islamic fundamentalism. Basically, they are brainwashing children into becoming jihadists or martyrs. On camera the man stated madrassas are used to teach children to play a positive role in society and that peace and love are vital to success. This was not the same explanation when the camera was off.

Over a million Pakistanis live in refugee in their own country because the Taliban are such a strong presence, the Pakistani military doesn’t have enough resources to provide protection to every citizen. Ironically, the Pakistani army is not so great either as they take over homes if needed. So, to escape war zones, jihadist recruitment, and death, Pakistani citizens are forced to leave their own homes. This is the largest internal displacement of a population of citizens.
Because these people have been living daily with war, many of them have become accustomed to the sound of explosions and gunfire. For example, when the children were being interviewed, gunshots and bombs went off, yet the two little girls were completely calm. Depending on their influence, people either begin to grow resentment for the Taliban, the Pakistani government, or the United States. When civilians get hurt from U. S. missile strikes, the Taliban use the aftermath to recruit children.

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