Study Area

For the purposes of analysis, Caltrans has divided the Hwy 17 AMP study area into nine segments based on Traffic Analysis Zones, which consider population and traffic flow characteristics. Get to know Highway 17 and the different access points and conflict points by clicking through different segments of the study area map (Sections A-I) below.

  1. Neighboring Addresses: An estimate of addresses within a 3 mile buffer of the highway segment. (Source: Santa Cruz County GIS; Map made by Caltrans)
  2. Approximate Local Trips per Day: The average daily trips of households and businesses (Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Trip Generation Manual 8th Edition. (2008). Retrieved from: )
  3. Access point: An entrance to the highway
  4. Conflict point: An area where two vehicles’ paths can either cross, merge, or diverge.